British Columbia Is Everywhere In The World, All At The Same Time

I first started to realize the omnipresence of British Columbia as I re-watched The X-Files with my son, the first five seasons of which were filmed there.  British Columbia, while ostensibly in western Canada, was also apparently in West Virginia (many times), Puerto Rico, the New Mexico desert (although, to be fair, it did have to be painted before it could pass as New Mexican), Siberia, and many places in between from 1993 to 1998.  What really drove the point home for me, however, was seeing the exact same building in three different locations separated by thousands of miles and nearly a century.

It all started this evening when I was watching the tenth episode of The Lone Gunmen, a spin-off of The X-Files that only lasted one season (2001).  The episode, Tango de los Pistoleros, is set in Miami.  At approximately eight minutes into the episode, several characters are shown talking inside what is supposed to be the pool of a private residence on Star Island:

Pool House Interior from The Lone Gunmen Episode 10

The location looked instantly familiar.  In fact, I had just seen it on the first episode of Season 6 of Psych, supposedly at an ambassador’s residence in Santa Barbara, California:

Psych pool

But where could this mysterious location possibly be?  Certainly not in both Miami and Santa Barbara.  Unless…

It turns out that The Lone Gunmen was (and Psych is) filmed in British Columbia.  With one additional clue, caught by the camera’s lens, we have everything we need to finally prove the ubiquity of British Columbia:

Pompeian Pool from The Lone Gunmen

After some trial and error, it turns out that the magic search term combination on Google is (the quotes are essential):

“Pompeian Pool” British Columbia

The search yields the following image, which was taken on December 8, 1930, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Conservatory in home at 2270 South West Marine

There are accompanying images of the interior of the Pompeian Pool as well:

Pompeian Pool 1930 Interior 1

Pompeian Pool 1930 Interior 2

Of course it would be all the more gratifying if the address listed with these photos taken in 1930 in Vancouver, 2270 South West Marine, yielded overhead imagery of a similar structure (to ward off naysayers and doubters who would argue that perhaps Pompeian Pools are all the rage and everybody who is anybody has one), but perhaps on the day Google obtained their satellite imagery the Pompeian Pool was busy elsewhere.

The Travels Of The Pompeian Pool

It would seem that the secrets of time and space are not to be found in a police box after all, but rather somewhere in an affluent Vancouver neighborhood on the west side.


3 thoughts on “British Columbia Is Everywhere In The World, All At The Same Time

  1. You’re quite right – British Columbia really is everywhere 🙂 The spotting of filming locations is a hobby of mine since I first visited Vancouver in 2007. The reason why googles satellite didn’t find the pool is because the address is wrong: it’s 2170 South West Marine Drive, not 2270. If you want to see some newer pictures of the pool, look at this site and scroll down about two thirds of the page:

  2. I noticed this pool in Alice (2009). Loved the architecture and saw the words Pompeian Pool between the two levels, so it was more than enough to search by. Wish the private residence offered more tours, seems really neat.

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