Ask Not What Your Convention Can Do For You

Dear Women of the Democratic National Convention,

For several weeks now I have been reading articles,

…National Organization for Women chapters in Southern California – with an assist from feminist Gloria Steinem – are denouncing the convention for “discrimination against moms.”

your petitions,

The Democratic Party is refusing to allow moms who are elected delegates onto the floor of the Convention if they must bring breastfeeding babies or small children in tow. There are no accommodations for on-site childcare, leaving women with very few options.

and even your tweets…


…complaining about your inability to bring your child(ren) with you to the DNC.

I simply don’t understand how you, women who claim to be champions of equality, would demand a service (on-site childcare) to be available when it benefits so very few (what percentage of delegates does this actually effect, by the way?).

I fail to see how you, modern women who cry out that conservatives are waging a “War On Women,” are wailing and moaning about not having childcare when you were elected as delegates over four months ago.  You are waging your own war on yourselves by complaining about an issue that you created.  You campaigned for and were elected to a position at which “delegates…are responsible for their own travel expenses, such as airfare, lodging and meals (approx. $3,000).”  Surely it must have occurred to you at some point that child care might be one of those expenses.

And as far as nursing your child, what would you do if you were a…

…librarian?  Carry your baby with you in the library and expect the patrons to understand whenever your baby was crying?

…welder?  Buy some baby-sized welding goggles and hope the sparks always flew in the other direction?

…baker?  Count on the constant eruptions from either end of your precious one not actually falling into or onto any of your goods?

…police officer?  Install a car seat in the cruiser?

I think you see the point here.  Serving as a delegate at your party’s convention is similar to working at a job, which is something many nursing mothers manage to do without having their infant with them throughout the work day.  It takes a great deal of planning and effort, but you had four months.  In the time you spent complaining, you could have found a childcare solution for the small group of women (and maybe one or two single fathers) who are actually dealing with infants and preschoolers.

Now get back to work.



2 thoughts on “Ask Not What Your Convention Can Do For You

  1. I find it outrageous that the DNC has failed to provide for on-site abortions for those delegates who find themselves inconvenienced by an accidental pregnancy during the convention. The talk a good game about free abortions for everyone, but where are they when the rubber hits the landing strip?

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