I Picked The Wrong Week… (To Host A Yoga Conference In San Diego)

Although Lloyd Bridges is arguably the king of the “I picked the wrong week…” quotes, organizers of the San Diego Yoga Journal Conference, scheduled to take place July 12-16, 2012 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, are likely getting a lot of practice.


That’s because their relatively small conference is taking place at the same time as Comic-Con (July 11-15, including preview night), an annual event that in recent years has been bringing over 125,000 attendees to the San Diego Convention Center.  As you can imagine, this puts a heavier than usual burden on everything tourism-related:  air travel into and out of the area, hotel rooms, rental cars, public transportation, restaurants, etc.  The Yoga Journal Conference provides this warning on their website for attendees:

IMPORTANT! Our conference is over the same weekend as Comic Con—a large city-wide conference in downtown San Diego. We encourage you to book your hotel room now —accommodations in the city will be difficult to find once our Sheraton room block is sold out. We also recommend you allow plenty of extra time to get to the Sheraton and arrive early as traffic around the San Diego area will be heavy in the mornings.

Given the added stress (for both the organizers and attendees) of scheduling their conference at the same time as Comic-Con, it seems like an unusual decision for the Yoga Journal Conference to have made.  In the end, however, if anyone is in a position (pun intended) to handle this type of stress, it’s probably a group of people who practice and teach yoga.


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