Civics 101: An Army Veteran’s Perspective

The following comment was submitted by Brian F., whose Yahoo! profile is unfortunately hidden, as a response to a piece titled “The Other 1%“:

Please take a moment to read this:As an Army veteran who was serving in Iraq during the 2004 presidential election, there is one thing that bothered me when I got home more than anything. It isn’t that the 99% who don’t/haven’t serve(d) try not to pay attention to the wars and the casualties of them. It isn’t that they complain about the petty “problems” they experience in their everyday lives. The thing that kills me more than anything is the fact that the majority of our country can’t be inconvenienced enough to get an education. I’m not talking about college. I’m talking about the fact that the majority of Americans couldn’t tell you what the three branches of our government are (can you?). I’m talking about the fact that most Americans couldn’t even tell you the difference between each presidential [candidate] on any ONE of their policies. ONE! Just ONE! You see, while I was serving, I was supposed to receive an absentee ballot to vote (for the first time in my life) for our president. I never received that ballot. Now it doesn’t matter who I would have voted for or who you did/would have voted for. The point is that I couldn’t do the most basic and important thing anyone in a democratic republic can and should do. YOU can! And what’s worse is that while so many of you can, you shouldn’t. That’s right. You shouldn’t vote. Because if you’re too #$%$ lazy to learn about the potential leaders of our country, then I don’t want you to vote for one. I wouldn’t hand someone a gun at a shooting range and tell them to shoot without that person understanding what they’re shooting at. I wouldn’t just say “Here! Just shoot. Doesn’t matter where, so long as you shoot.” Likewise, you shouldn’t be part of the process choosing our country’s leader(s) if you don’t know who/what you’re voting for. So many of you should be so very ashamed of yourselves. As someone who has risked his life and watched as several of my buddies have lost theirs serving in the military of our country (I didn’t say fighting for, to be clear—I know some of you can’t help but make that distinction), I ask only that you learn a little about what [is] and what could be going on in our country and who is trying to lead it and what they believe in.

Thank you for your service to our country, Brian, and thank you for this excellent non-partisan reminder that with the most basic of rights come the most important responsibilities.


One thought on “Civics 101: An Army Veteran’s Perspective

  1. Fucking boohoo!! You military assholes are all the same. Talk about freedom and rights and democracy yet happy to piss on the dead bodies of Afghan freedom fighters! Get to fuck out of their country. You spend billions on military action and for what? Fuck all. You are now a backwards and impoverished nation. If people vote then it’s their democratic right to vote. Who gives a fuck if they know anything about the prick they are voting for?

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