Suit Up: There’s A First (Or Third) Time For Everything

My son has never been a suit and tie (or short hair) kind of guy.  In fact, I can recall only two occasions on which he has ever worn a suit.  The first was his First Communion (Spring 2004):

The second was the Kids Inaugural Ball, also called the We Are the Future Concert (January 2009, notice the tie has been removed):

Three years later, his aversion to short hair and (what I would call) nice clothes seemed just as strong.  I submit as Exhibit A video of him singing I Want You To Want Me in January, 2012.  You need not even turn up the volume.  Just focus on the hair:


You can imagine my shock, therefore, when he told me a few days ago that he’d like to get his hair cut like Fox Mulder from The X-Files.  I have always let him decide how long (or, theoretically, short) to keep his hair and, as you may have noticed above, even allowed him to bleach it.  In the grand scheme of things, I consider personal forms of expression like hairstyles not worth worrying about.  I do put my foot down when it comes to shooting heroin into his eyeballs, though (he just interrupted to ask me to point out that was a Love Actually reference, and not something he has ever actually done).

Given that he had decided to cut his hair short, I thought perhaps he might be open to buying a suit since, in my opinion, every young man ought to have a suit in his closet.  To my further astonishment, he agreed to go shopping.  He also (reluctantly) agreed to allow me to document the day with before and after photos:

Above is the before photo.  Below, obviously, is the after photo.  Just below that is the photo of David Duchovny he showed the hairstylist (surprisingly not everyone on the planet carries around a mental image of Fox Mulder).

Special thanks to Judy at Ernst & Company Hair Salon in Springfield, Virginia (picture below) as well as Nathan at JoS. A. Bank in Falls Church, Virginia.


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