The First Waltz

Rather than being inspired by the film account of the final concert of The Band (which you really should watch, if only for the guest performers), this post has its origins in an invitation to a New Year’s Eve party, which warned that at midnight there would be a champagne toast and traditional waltz.  For those of you living under rocks, let me refresh your memory as to the definition of a waltz:

a ballroom dance in 34 time with strong accent on the first beat and a basic pattern of step-step-close

After reading about the waltz in the invitation, I was reminded of a shocking realization I had only a few weeks earlier during a friend’s birthday celebration at a dueling piano bar.  As is required at such establishments at least once every evening, one of the performers started playing Billy Joel’s Piano Man.  All at once it dawned on me that Piano Man is in fact a waltz.  I grabbed the closest person, one of two Anthonys in the group (neither of whom works in a grocery store), and proceeded to demonstrate (very poorly, I might add), the waltzability of the song.   I then forgot all about it…

…until I got the New Year’s Eve party invitation.  I was prepared to take a random video of people waltzing in the correct tempo and set it to Piano Man, when I found this (which only goes to show that pretty much anything you could ever wish for can be found on YouTube):


I only hope the song chosen for the midnight waltz will be Piano Man.


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