One Kid, One Click, One Song, One Dollar (Donate Now!)

UPDATE:  Problems reported with song downloads have been corrected as of 8 December 2011.  Thank you for your patience!!!

DISCLAIMER:  It’s WAY more than one click, but it made for a catchy title.

Download The Song Now For Only A Dollar!

This year on Halloween, my 15-year-old son’s girlfriend of almost a year broke up with him.  He was absolutely devastated, and rightly so.  She was his first love, and one of the first people to have befriended him as he entered both a new school system and high school.  It was a classic story of opposites attracting:  she’s a ballerina, petite and soft-spoken, he’s a loud and obnoxious guitar-playing rocker.  He spent most of the week acting out at school, being as sullen and as rude as he possibly could, but by Friday he decided to surprise everyone and do something he’d rarely, if ever, done in his entire life:  a completely selfless act.  He committed to giving up the next three Saturdays to spend rehearsing and recording a song for the Love Hope Strength Foundation, whose primary purpose is to register bone marrow donors.

Download The Song Now For Only A Dollar!

November 5th and 12th were five-hour rehearsals at the School of Rock in Vienna, Virginia.  Anton’s time commitment was even more surprising to me given that I was in Denver for BlogCon 2011 on the 12th and he had a two-hour commute by bus and subway (each way).  On November 19th, my kid and twelve amazing others finally got to put all their hard work on tape at Cue Studios in Falls Church, Virginia.  They recorded a cover of Lean On Me, which is presented below for your listening pleasure, as well as Love Hope Strength, which you can download for $1.  Because all rehearsal and studio costs were covered by the families of these talented kids, 100% of your dollars go to the Love Hope Strength Foundation.

Download The Song Now For Only A Dollar!

So just in case I haven’t convinced you yet that you need to download this song for only a dollar, here’s a video of these thirteen amazing kids during rehearsals and at the recording studio:

And if you’re still not convinced, their cover of Lean on Me, set to a montage of photos shot during rehearsals and recording (because every blog post needs a montage):

Now seriously, Download The Song Now For Only A Dollar!

Special thanks to all the kids who participated:

Ally B., Samantha S., Anton M., Danny D., Trudy P., Shannon F., Richard S., Drew S., Brooke S., Isaac G., Noah F., Abby J., and Alex K.


One thought on “One Kid, One Click, One Song, One Dollar (Donate Now!)

  1. My condolences to your son, having been a professional musician (Guitarist of the hair metal variety) who went back to school to obtain my B.F.A in music, and who foolishly fell in love with a ballerina (two gloriously miserable years), I could have warned your son (not that he would have listens, such is the way of youth) that the relationship was doomed. Those worlds are, as they say, just to far apart.

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