I have an MS in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, and my father has a PhD in Meteorology, so it took quite a bit of suspension of disbelief for the two of us, along with my (then) husband to see the movie Twister when it was at the discount theater.  But hey, I was pregnant, I didn’t get out much, and admission was a dollar, so we didn’t complain.  Flash forward a few months…

I started bringing my son to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida when he was six weeks old.  When he was 18 months old I attempted to use the “baby swap” on this ride, but somehow found myself in the middle of this “experience” with him still in my arms.  His reward for “surviving” the ride was a way-too-big souvenir tank top, which he wore for the next ten years or so.  He became a huge fan of the movie, watching it endlessly, memorizing all of the lines, and quoting them when you’d least expect it (I say “you” because I ALWAYS expected it).  He is now 15 and begged to make a video of this attraction when we visited this summer.  The ride is in three parts.  The first is a video introduction:

The second is a walk-through that is meant to represent a house that has been devastated by a tornado:

The third and final part is the one he was supposed to miss that fateful day back in 1998. Keep in mind he knows everything that is going to happen and directs the camera toward things that are about to fly, explode, etc., even if they can’t necessarily be seen due to the lighting:

Over the last 15 years, the attraction has lost a lot of territory to other new and exciting developments.  There used to be movie props leading up to the entrance, including a tractor, one of the Dorothy probes, and some of the vehicles used in the film.  Now there’s nothing.  I guess it could be worse.  Backdraft, one of his favorite attractions at Universal Studios Hollywood, is now closed.


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