Dear TSA, Shoes On Or Shoes Off?

While going through the TSA checkpoint at Dulles International Airport (IAD) today, I noticed the following sign:

I have previously written about how I am better than you at the airport because I am not required to take my shoes off at TSA security checkpoints and that this either undermines security (if shoes are truly dangerous) or proves that shoes are in fact NOT dangerous and that shoe removal is therefore unnecessary.

Now the Transportation Security Administration has come out with this new policy, further undermining their position that shoes are inherently dangerous.  As I stated in my previous post:

As soon as you start making exceptions to the rules, you make the rules pointless and open to exploitation.  If the rules are unnecessary for a subset of the population, then they are inherently unnecessary.  If, on the other hand, shoe and belt removal are vital to the security of this nation, then every person who passes through TSA checkpoints should be required to comply with these rules without exception.

The TSA website states “[s]hoes remain a potential concealment technique that TSA takes seriously, but intelligence and history have shown that allowing passengers of this age to leave their shoes on poses little risk to aviation security”.  It could just as easily say:

Dear Terrorists, We understand how little you value life, even the lives of your children, so please use their shoes to conceal weapons in such a way that could defeat the security measures we have in place.  Thanks!  Your Friends at the TSA

TSA insists that shoes are dangerous, yet they have now opened up two routes for their security measures to be circumvented.  Make up your mind, TSA.


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