Sunday School Experiment (Part I)

On Sunday, 21 August 2011, The Federal Bar in North Hollywood hosted the first ever Sunday School Experiment.

Despite what the poster says, the Host/MC assured me his name was Johnny (he even swore that was how it was written on his birth certificate, although I didn’t ask him to prove it).  By the way, if you’re reading this Johnny, give me a call.

But back to the serious business of this post.  The first band to perform was a two-man group (guitar and drums) called Red Sweat, and according to Johnny it was their first time performing for anyone other than each other.  If you have photos or video of Red Sweat that you’d like to share, please let me know.

Next up was a group called Darcie Rickert & the Ruffnecks, which included an upright bass, washboard and banjo.  This went over quite well with the crowd, perhaps because O Brother, Where Art Thou? had been playing on the bar’s TVs earlier in the day.  Coincidence?  Again, if you have photos or video I am happy to link to them.

The third band was the reason I had flown all the way across the country (not really, just a happy coincidence, but don’t tell them), Kingsizemaybe.  I was able to record all nine songs they played and those are presented for you below.  Because the audio quality on my video camera isn’t the greatest, I have also included links to where you can purchase mp3 versions of the songs (linked numbers in parentheses, indicating order of appearance on the album Kingsizemaybe) or listen to high quality versions (linked song titles).  Enjoy!

(2) Big Maybe

Big Mouth

(3) Dallas

(4) I Wouldn’t Want To Be You

It Ain’t Easy

Look At All The Things That I’ve Got


King of the Streets

(9) Waitin’ For My Friends To Come Along

The final band of the afternoon was the Mojo Monkeys.  I’d love to say more about them, but I was having so much fun talking to all of the folks who had come to see Kingsizemaybe (as we had adjourned to The Federal Bar’s balcony) I was a being a very bad audience member indeed.  I am, however, very happy to post pictures and video provided by others!  Likewise if anyone has any video of the “magician”, who was not your typical rabbit out of a hat kind of fellow, please let me know.

Overall, I would say that the Sunday School Experiment was successful, especially as children were not only allowed, but not even charged the quite reasonable adult cover charge of $5.  This allowed friends of the bands as well as potential new fans to bring their families along.  Parking at The Federal Bar was also quick and easy, with plenty of parking right behind the venue at the quite reasonable price of $3.50.  This was a very well-organized event, and I only hope such “Experiments” are better attended in the future as word spreads about the quality of the bands, the family friendly environment of the events, and the great opportunity to just get out and do something different on a Sunday afternoon.


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