Have a JAWSome Day!

I freely admit, as many of you already know, that I am a bad parent.  I mean seriously, I took my son on the JAWS attraction at Universal Studios Orlando when he was only six weeks old.  Who does that?!?  By the time he was four, he had seen the first JAWS movie and by the time he was 10 he had seen all four of them.  At the age of 14, he has read all of the books as well as anything else even remotely similar, like MEG and all of its sequels.

Last week we returned to Orlando, and Universal Studios, for a one week vacation.  After riding JAWS numerous times all week, my son wanted just one last tour of Amity.  Unfortunately the ride was down for BOTH mechanical problems AND inclement weather.  After checking back several times over the course of many hours, Skipper Jesse James (yes, his name tag actually said that) gathered up about 20 guests who were in the general vicinity, had us all sit down near the ride loading area, and went through the narrative of the ride.  Alyssa, Chrissy, Gregory, and Ray (I hope I got all their names right) added sound and visual effects.  It was literally the most fun I had the whole week.  In order to truly enjoy the video, watch the original ride video FIRST, then watch the “dry run”.  You will understand why I am laughing so much the whole time!

The Actual Ride:

The “Dry Run”:


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