The Magic Of Television

After Herman Cain’s speech at his Announcement Rally at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta on May 21, 2011, most of the crowd (reported to be around 15,000) had left.  I heard a bit of a commotion near the stage so I turned on my video camera.  What I ended up recording was Herman Cain being escorted to an interview with Fox News’ John Roberts, their banter before and after, the interview itself, and then Mr. Cain being escorted back.

Here is my video:

For comparison, it is quite interesting to watch the “official” Fox News video (sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to embed it).

After the interview was finished, I asked about the stools Mr. Cain and Mr. Roberts had been standing on.  After all, it didn’t seem like the safest thing in the world and I knew there must have been a reason.  The woman in the shorts and orange top who you see in my video explained that the purpose was to put the speakers above the level of the crowd and in line with the signs they were holding.  I’m sure that anyone involved in television already knew that, but I was happy to learn something new and happy that she took the time to answer my question.

Just as they used to tell me on the Jungle Cruise, “it’s not every day you see the back of water,” so it seems, dear reader, it’s not every day you see the back of an interview.


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