Those Wacky Nigerians

What will they think of next?  I didn’t fall for any of their phishing scams, so now they are sending their men after me.  What is the scam?  How will they profit from it?  I already had reason to hate Facebook when I got the following message:

I’m Harrison are you doing?i just came across your profile,when your charming beauty and alluring smile caught my interest then i decided to email you and ask for your serious relationship.Can we be friends?.i am very strong,active,outgoing person,honest,healthy and also a good listener to take good care you.

Now I have to wonder, am I really that desirable?  My instinct is “no” given that I don’t walk down the street and have men (or even women for that matter) falling all over themselves to give me their phone numbers.  I’m one of those people who you have to get to know in order to like.  I win you over with my wit and charm (which, to be 100% honest, is the kind that is very polarizing; most people find me either very funny or extremely distasteful).  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Harrison’s bio reads:

Hello! My name is Harrison.I am 31 years old, single and looking for a caring woman.I am 175 cm / 5ft 6in,from Nigeria, Diplomatic, tactful, refined, charming, flirtatious, easy to get on with and excellent at putting others at ease. Driven by the ideals of universal love, peace and beauty. Enjoys making a good impression, very sociable, cannot stand conflict, and is a romantic idealist.Very honest,sincere,easy going man and down to earth.My drive and ambition push me to “do what it takes” and I love to put myself out there and to make a good and relaible relationship. I am very physically active as I like basketball,golf and football. Currently,i’m getting very involved in the exsitance of life and trying to get some current event about my ambinsions- always enjoy a social scene! I’ve set certain goals for myself and am trying to remain focused enough to make them happen.I am also very hardworking and creatives in things that i do for a living but like to enjoy with being with a good and caring woman.

If you are on “teh Facebook”, you can check out his profile here if you want to see his picture and other details.  How and why did he pick me?  Do I look that lonely?  What words is he searching on that led him to my profile?  And honestly, no matter how lonely he thinks I am, does he really think I’m going to Lagos to hook up with some completely average (i.e. NOT a millionaire) dude?  Seriously?


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