One Reason I Hate Facebook

I’m not proud, I will freely admit that I joined Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for the same reason: to friend/follow Eddie Izzard.  There’s just something about that man I find very attractive.  That said, I spend very little time on Facebook other than a brief addiction to the gateway drug known as Mafia Wars right after I joined.  Now the only interaction I have with Facebook is when it sends out automated birthday greetings on my behalf and when people contact me through my account, such as below:

Hey Debbie 🙂

I tried to add you as a friend, but I guess you never accepted it. I’ll tell you the main reason I wanted you to add me as a friend is so I could apologize to you for calling you [offensive name removed].

You were a very attractive girl, even my mom said so. It just took me all this time to realize it. I was the one that tagged you as [offensive name removed], well [other mean kid] had part in it. It was a tag that backfired on me. Hell, I remember the 2 of us in my parents living room after the pool. Shit! I could have gotten laid. :/ It took me 22 years to realize that.

Anyway, not to freak you out but I am sorry for calling you [offensive name removed].

Thanks! [mean kid]

This highlights a problem I have frequently in my life:  I am clearly much more memorable to others than they are to me.  I have no idea who “mean kid” is, although I do vaguely remember “other mean kid” since I ran into his older brother on a trip back to where we all grew up on a business trip a few years ago.  Also, if you do the math, you will realize that “mean kid” and I were both 13 at the time this happened, so clearly nobody was in any danger of getting laid.  Anyway, I wish “mean kid” luck in his 12-step program and I will have a few extra drinks tonight trying to forget that he wrote to me.


4 thoughts on “One Reason I Hate Facebook

  1. I just happened upon this blog through twitter. And yeah, I’d say I feel the same way, there are a lot of people on Facebook I’d just as soon NEVER see again. :-\

  2. It is in the providing of a mechanism through which ex-girlfriends can track me down to remind me why they are ex-girlfriends that the true Evil of Facebook is revealed.

  3. I don’t like Facebook because everyone who is on it assumes that if you have a profile there, you check it and update it as obsessively as they do, and that if you don’t you must be some sort of Loser who doesn’t Get It. This usually becomes evident to them when they contact you, and you never respond. At first, they think they are being ignored, but their hurt feelings soon turn into derision when it dawns on them that no one is home (so to speak).

    My life doesn’t have time for this much pathos. I have very real pathos to deal with without having to deal with the manufactured kind.

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