What I am about to say will probably be labeled as blasphemy by most Victims (as fans of the band The Killers refer to themselves), but I find myself compelled to speak the truth.  I thought I was a fan of The Killers.  I really liked about three or four songs from each of their albums.  I mean really, really liked, to the point where I would play them over and over again.  They spoke to me.  The rest, however, I could take or leave.  Then I discovered Brandon Flowers’ (the lead singer of The Killers) solo album, Flamingo (it was, in fact, a very thoughtful gift from my best friend).  This is what I had been waiting for.  This was a complete album, not a collection of songs thrown together with the intention of being commercial.  I not only liked every song on the album, I liked the composition of the album as a whole; how the songs related to each other and how one song flowed into the next.

After listening to the album (again, over and over), I discovered to my delight that Mr. Flowers was on tour.  My 14-year-old son and I were both excited that he was coming to our hometown (Washington, DC) and we managed to get tickets.  We ended up in the fourth-ish row of the great human crush at the 9:30 Club and I was able to snap a few photos.  Below you will find the songs from that night in the order of the set list as well as all available video (courtesy of przybyla8).  Numbers next to the songs indicate the order on Flamingo.  I have included some notes; I hope it doesn’t detract.  Enjoy!

(9) On The Floor


(8) Crossfire


(7) Magdelena-this is my favorite song from the album, and since it’s about redemption perhaps it can save me from my sin of blasphemy.  There is a line in the song that goes “Blisters on my feet, wooden rosary, I felt them in my pocket as I ran” which my son decided to change to “Blisters on my feet, good enough to eat, I felt them in my pocket as I ran”.  Now, rhyming ability aside, this is both gross (eating blisters) and impractical (how do you run with your feet in your pocket?).

Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes)


(4) Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts


(1) Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas


(6) Was It Something I Said?-this is my second-favorite song from the album, perhaps because you just can’t help feeling sorry for a guy who practically gets dumped at the altar (especially if you’re picturing that it’s Brandon Flowers; he’s awfully sympathetic).  Honestly, the lyrics really do paint a nice picture on top of the music.  It’s a shame the keyboard player didn’t show up in this video.  My son got a real kick out of him.  He had a teeny-tiny keyboard and he was sitting cross-legged on top of a wardrobe playing the keyboard part.


(3) Hard Enough-this is my third-favorite song, both for the way the duet flows between Brandon Flowers and Jenny Lewis (on the album) as well as some of the lyrics, such as “Some people think that it’s best to refrain from the conventions of old-fashioned love; Their hearts are filled with holes and emptiness; They tell themselves that they’re too young to settle down”

Losing Touch (The Killers)

(10) Swallow It-it’s a shame there was no video of this song because there was some great crowd flirting, especially on the lyrics like “Be an advocate of joy” and “You’re a performer”

(2) Only the Young


(5) Playing With Fire


Boots (The Killers)


(11) The Clock Was Tickin’ (Deluxe edition of Flamingo only)

When You Were Young (The Killers)


One final note:  While we were going inside (before the concert started) my son noted that the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox was playing in the lead tour bus.  He was very excited by this.  He said something along the lines of “Oh my God, Brandon Flowers is watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, that’s my favorite movie!”  OK, first of all, yes, my 14-year-old son’s favorite movie IS Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I did point out to him that someone else on the bus could have been watching the movie.  In retrospect I probably should have just let him have his moment:  “yes, dear, Brandon Flowers probably loves Fantastic Mr. Fox just as much as you.”


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